FH - Studio 

Behind FH Studios is the young Danish’s Photographer Frederik Heller, who is a creative person with a passion for the aesthetic but simple look And attention to detail. 



Photography Work

I create fashion editorials, portraits and Look-books in Copenhagen.


Pr. start of day 8.000 kr.

1 day is defined as 8 hours.

Minimum 1 day.

This include 

- 1 Image Review rund. 

- 20 Edited images.

- One get to now each other, coffee meeting.

Purchase of additional images. 

Price per  image  200kr.

Assistant Work

Photography Assistant

as a assistant - my work is to do the equipment setup and recommendations, of the best to use equipment. 


Pr day 2500 kr.

A day is - 8 hours.

Digi Tech

Digi Tech

as a Digi Tech I secured that the workflow when shooting content to a computer is working smoothly and organized.


Pr day 4500 kr.

A day is - 8 hours.



Please direct all inquiries through the mail - info@fh-studio.dk


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